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Friday, 2 December 2011

I have been wanting to add some of my layouts to my patch for a while now, but it somehow always goes about time.  So today I will endeavour to add some of my not so recent layouts. I think that's the amazing thing about scrapbooking, one always learns new things and develops new techniques with every page. It is always a creative journey for me.

This first layout was for a "Stretch my Sketch" challenge on Two Peas and I actually won the challenge.  I love this page and the simplicity of it.  It was also important for me to journal and put my thoughts on the page.

This second layout is Joe and his friend Tyler, at Joe's birthday party.  I love October Afternoon paper and it just complemented this layout so well.

This was Joe about 2 years back. I just love doing boy pages and seeing what colours can make for a great boy layout.

This layout was from, exactly, a year ago (Dec 2010)! Joe started nursery school and this was his first day of school.  He was so excited and yet, also a little fearful.  He had a great day though and I was so pleased that he enjoyed it.  My little boy is getting big!

This is one of my favourite layouts.  This layout is of my aunt (Emmy/Emily) when she was a young lady. I am always happy to do vintage layouts and love the vintage colours and feel of this layout.

Here is another layout of my son Joe. We were playing hide and seek and he was so cute! He could not stop laughing and was continually giving himself away! Too sweet for words!

This is another of my favourite layouts.  This layout is of my Gran (SA Ouma) and I really wanted to give this layout an earthy feel, as she and my Grandad (SA Oupa) were farmers. I love the colours!

Joe has 2 older step brothers and every second holiday they come and visit. I was able to take some nice photo's and scrap them.  I used October Afternoon papers and embelishments. 

Lastly, this layout is 100% Echo Park. I really wanted to give it a lively and boyish feel, and the colour red for the "heart" part. Good photo's always make for a good layout!

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