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Monday, 23 July 2012

Some more pics from Austria...

Hi Everyone

My feet are just not touching ground at the moment.  I am scrapping up a storm, but nothing that I can share with you, just at the moment. So apologies, that there are no new pages to share.
I will, however, share some more of my photo's from Austria.

The photo was taken from the top of Hochegg hills and has little paths, all the way to the bottom. It was such a glorious, hot and sunny day!

This is the river that runs right past the family home! Everyday we would take walks in the river to cool down and the kids would swim.

The Austrian people really make an effort to make their homes and their environment so pretty and welcoming! The flower pots everywhere are just bursting with colour and aroma!

Joe and Johann on one of the farms, where we went and had some lunch.

Two of the other family homes! Just too beautiful and again, I just loved those flower pots!

This was taken on Schneeuberg mountain, the highest mountain in Austria. It is very cool up on the mountain, but the views are breathtaking and the scenery gorgeous.

This was such a cute photo of Joe trying to use the telescope, but as you can see, he has it pointed up at the sky and nowhere near the valleys below. LOL

We took the ski-lift up to St Corona and then walked the path back down again! The ride was thrilling and the walk very steep.  Beautiful views and scenery, was again the order of the day!

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the photo's.

Have a great evening.
Denise x


  1. thanks for sharing again, Denise! it is really so nice to see all the beauty you had privilege to enjoy! are the some more? :-))) and I can't wait to see what are you up to these days with your scrapbooking stuff :-)))

  2. Your beautiful photos can pass as postcards. I would love to one day travel through Europe.

  3. Congratulations on joining the Scrap Africa team, Denise! I am so very happy for you!!!!