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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Enmarc Blog Hop

Hi Everyone

Just a reminder re the Enmarc Bloh Hop starting 01 Sep 2012.

Please note that these are the overall general rules and that each host will have their own challenge rules in addition to these rules.
  1. You must become a follower of each of the blogs hosting the blog hop or alternatively befriend the host on Facebook if she does not own a Blog. The Facebook hosts will create one single post for all comments and replies to keep track of all participants’ comments and feedback.
  2. Leave each blog host a little love (comment) so they know you stopped by.
  3. When completing the challenges, you must
    1. use at least two different Enmarc chippies for each challenge as well as different chippies for the different challenges. In other words, you cannot use the same 2 chippies for two or more challenges;
    2. comply with each host’s own rules for the specific challenge;
    3. upload a NEWLY created LO or project, this means the LO may not have been uploaded or published anywhere else prior to the start of the Spring Blog Hop.
  4. You must tag each entry with the correct SPR2012 number.  It’s important that you tag them correctly as we won’t have time to be checking every tag and I don’t want anyone to miss out on a draw.  To tag an entry correctly, there must be no space between SPR and 2012 and then followed by a comma and the challenge number. As an example, if I participated in challenge number 3, my tag would read: SPR2012, CH3.
  5. You cannot combine any of the challenges with any other current challenge on the Enmarc Social Network (ning site).  We are running the Blog Hop for a month so you will have plenty of time to complete all 8 blog hop challenges.
  6. If you complete all 8 challenges, make sure to leave a comment for Yvette in the Enmarc Crafts Grand Prize discussion in the forum so she makes sure your name gets into the draw for the grand prize.
  7. All members including the Design Team, Contributing Hosts and Administrators :-) submitting an entry for a challenge are eligible to win a prize for the blog hop challenges, but the DT, hosts and Administrators are not eligible for the grand prize from Enmarc Crafts..
  8. All challenges must be posted in the Enmarc photo gallery by 11:59 pm (South African time) on Sunday 30th September 2012.  As the members are in many different time zones we will be going by the clock on the main page for the time. Hopefully the clock will be in place shortly ;-)
  9. All draws will be done by and the names of the lucky ones will be announced not later than 3 October 2012.
  10. There is no restriction to how many times you can win in all of the challenges, which means you can win more than one prize! Now how cool is that? !


  1. Hello denise tks for visiting my blog. it seems you ladies will be prety busy with this blog hop challenges.

    tks again

  2. Hi, Denise, good luck with this blog hop! I am facing some health issues that are going to keep me pretty busy during the month of September, so I can't hop with you just now. Will try to follow along and see all the great entries, however...that will be inspiration, for sure!

  3. Great challenge Denise and I love your card & layout :)