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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Today, Remember When - CSI Case File no.108

Hello Everyone

I hope you are having a super Saturday! I am chuffed, as I got a new toy today! I got a new camera!!!!! YEEEEEEEEHAAAA. My old one would have cost me an arm and a leg to fix, and so it was better to buy a new one than mend the old one! So thanks heavens above, I can sigh a sigh of relief and look forward to getting to know my new toy! ;-))

I finished a page for the Case File no.108 at CSI. Here was the Case File.

Here is my page.

Evidence: Mixed Media, Stamps
Testimony: Telling a story never told before and inspiration from the Art Journal Prompts


I went through the Art Journal Prompts and found this lovely picture of a mended flower with these words: Perhaps strength doesn't reside in having never been broken...but in the courage required to grown strong in the broken places.

So the page I created is exactly about that, me looking back "Today" and remembering when I wasn't always so whole and the journey that took place in order to mend myself.

This photo was from around that time, 2004, when I was already on this journey.

I was 30 when I guess I experienced a mid-life crisis. I was in a relationship that really wasn't working for me and really was not happy with my life in general. It all was just one big mess and I was feeling quite helpless to help myself. I really did not know which way to turn and thought that if I did not find my way soon, that I would just fall into a deep,dark hole and I would never be able to climb out.

A friend of mine suggested I go and see a growth counsellor. I was sceptical at first, but so desperate for some help that I went and met with this lady. Her name was Fran Newington. Looking back at that first meeting it's hilarious, as I walked away from it thinking that I didn't feel any better and that she hadn't given me any cures or recipes for self improvement. LOL

In any,case, I persisted, or perhaps she persisted with me, rather, and she became one of the most important people I have ever met in my life. She was exactly what I needed and helped me mend ME. It wasn't always an easy journey, but it sure was a rewarding one.

She was one of the most remarkable women ever and had such a way about her that we became friends and she helped me through some of the biggest changes in my life. She did not judge, she did not chide, she just guided and loved me through every step.

She started me on a journey of self discovery that has never ended, and this journey has been continual and daily! She taught me so much and I am a very different person today, thanks to her.

Today I can look back and see how my life changed and improved so much, and today I am mostly happy. I guess there will always be dark days or dark moments, but for 95% of the time, I am happy.

It surely does take a LOT of courage to change but being a little more mended and less broken, in the end, is definitely worth it all

I used Kaisercraft Enchanted Garden Collection. I also used some Kaisercraft stamps, along with some MME stamps and Prima and Petaloo flowers.

This is probably one of my longest posts ever! LOL
I really appreciate the visit!
Have a super day!
Denise x


  1. WOW Denise!!! I think this is one of my favorite layouts by you! I absolutely love the photo, the background, the title, and the story behind it. Awesome page!!!

  2. An inspirational piece of Art Denise. I love the soft background with circles and the symbolism of half your face. Your powerful journalling touched me because of it's rawness and honesty. Those who have walked a similar path, know the blackness of the hole and the need for a companion on the journey to wholeness. How wonderful that Fran was able to help you to heal yourself. Thanks for having the courage to share your story here. Bravo :)

  3. I am so proud of you to have shared your past with us all, I love your bravery and simply by telling your story allows others who face similar problems chances and ways in tackling their own problems. This is an amazing layout with great meanings! Denise...congrats!

  4. What an awesome layout Denise! I love the background, the colours and the photo. Stunning work! Life is just all about excepting who we are and growing in ourselves as a person isn't it? I think we all have our 'not so good' days, but if it's mostly good it's fantastic! Thanks for sharing your story. :) xx

  5. This is stunning! So delicate and beautiful in every way! <3!

  6. You tell a very good "story" Denise , am so glad that you have been mended . A layout to treasure for sure.

  7. I saw this and I was just blown away. Then I read your story Denise and I adore it all the more. Magnificent x

  8. Another amazing layout and I am so glad that you found someone to walk that path with you for it is not an easy on and that you managed to mend the broken bits and come out the other side a stronger, better person. Asmah is right your story lets others know if they are broken there is a good chance that they can be fixed.

  9. Your page is beautiful and your journaling is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your walk with us.

  10. My favourite page of yours ever! Wonderful journaling, cool photo and free and artistic! Absolute love!!