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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Pencil Holder - BoBunny Pop Quiz

Hello Everyone

Today is voter's day here in South Africa and so I have had another chance to catch up with some scrapping and creating, Joe's homework in between, voting and just enjoying an autumn day at home.

After I created the Teachers Gift recently for a BoBunny DT project, my son was saying that he really wanted me to make something for him too.  So I decided to make a pencil holder, as his was a bit small for all his pencils and crayons. So I also used Pop Quiz.

Since this is going to be a very functional and used pencil holder, for a 6 year old, I kept it simple, with not too many embelishments, as these would make it difficult for him to handle.

I found this at our local hardware store, and was perfect for this pencil holder, as it has different heights.

 At least now, all his pencils and crayons, glue, scissors and ruler can all be found in one place and his Mother won't have to pull out her hair every time Joe has to do his homework!!!!! ;-)))

Joe is really pleased with his new pencil holder and has already started using it! So that surely makes me happy too! ;-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope you have a super Wednesday.
Denise x


  1. This is just adorable Denise!!!

  2. I agree with Juliana, this is delightful.
    I love the clean bright colours for a school inspired project like this.

  3. This is very beautiful. I loved it!

  4. I want one! Be perfect for my scrap room so I don't lose my pencils &'s amazing how often they 'disappear' in plain sight! So LUCKY Jo.....& Loving that 'star' bit on the side. This is a great project....fab gift idea & so personal, too:):) Clever cookie that you are!

  5. A beautiful and practical project Denise. I love that Jo wanted something made for him too. That he uses it is a bonus and I can see storage ideas for the scrap room in this container :D

  6. Such a loving project! Love the crisp and clear colour choices of papers!!!

  7. Oh, that's a sweet gift for your son! And it looks awesome.

    You get the whole day off work on Election Day? That's great! Wish we had that here. Before I was a SAHM, I remember rushing to vote before work, hoping that the lines at the polling place wouldn't be too long.

  8. bright , bold and beautiful... fun fun fun !!!! love it Denise x

  9. What a fun and creative project Denise!

  10. What a fabulous and functional project! He's a very lucky boy.

  11. Oh Denise, this is a brilliant idea what a cute project.

    Hugs diane

  12. How cute! That place of yours is pretty handy!! You need to take me there next time I come to Joburg!! BTW my photo printer is OOO again!!!! So I haven't printed the photo of Joe to size to make your shadow box yet but I hope to get it done before we meet up in CT in the not too distant future :)