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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tea Party Goodies with BoBunny

Hello Everyone

Apologies for not having posted for almost a week, but I had a week from hell! I really don't want to bore you with all the details, but I can surely say in Africa is not always so nice and our country certainly does have it's negatives! I can just, once again, say that I have been reminded that life is precious and every day and moment is precious too!!!

I recently had to do a DT assignment for BoBunny for a party theme and so I chose a Tea Party theme and this is what I did.

I created a tea party setting, using die-cuts, tags, pleated canvas and also made pillow boxes.
Below is a closer look at the tags I made and using the alpha stamps, I stamped each persons name on their tag.

Maryia, my DT friend at BoBunny, pointed out this really neat way of using the alpha stamps, on Pinterest. You use a rubber band to keep the alpha's together and is much easier stamping like this.

I used various die-cuts for the decoration, in and around, the tea cups.

I joined the border diecuts together to make cake rounds for the cup cakes.

I used stickable stencils and pearlescant paint to make the tags. Here are the steps below.
Step 1. Colouring 4 tags in one go by placing the stickable stencils over the four tags.

Step 2. Using a sponge to dab the first colour, randomly, over the tags.

Step 3.  Now dab the second colour, randomly, over the tags.

Step 4.  Remove the stencils once the paint is dry.

Step 5.  Add rub-ons, stamping and other goodies.

I also made these cute little pillow boxes to say thanks and also hold a small chocolate.  I downloaded the template from the internet and hand cut them.

It was actually quite surprising to me that this little project was relatively inexpensive.  The flowers and the yummy goodies was the only expense.  I had everything else and so it was just putting it all together and making it pretty! ;-)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hopefully I have given you some seeds of inspiration for your own tea party.

Have a super Sunday!
Denise x


  1. That's AMAZING, Denise!!! So fresh, clean, inviting & elegant looking. And yummy too!

  2. Just wow! I can't believe how gorgeous all of these elements are. Everything is so romantic and special. I'm sorry you had such a terrible week! I truly hope your week goes better.

  3. How absolutely divine Denise. So soft and pretty; it would have been a very special tea party. Love the tags especially. I'm sorry life has been difficult for you over the past week and pray that you and your precious family are safe xo

  4. Denise you have super tea party! so stunning embellishments of the table, love how you decorate each element (cups, cupcakes, etc). I'm sooo inspired! )))

  5. How stunningly beautiful! LOOOVE the tutorial on those tags.....& the cake looks pretty darn nice too. I'm so sorry you've had an 'erk' least it sounds like 'all's well that ends well'......sounds like a bit of a wake up call....anyways....hope THIS week is better all round. Have another cake. That'll help!!!!

  6. I love your table!!!! Congrats, beautiful peaces!!!! Sorry about my English! I'm following your blog!!! Hugs from Brazil!!!!

  7. Eeeeeeeeek Denise. I want to come to your next tea party. It looks amazing. So much work has gone into it and the end result is gorgeous.
    I am sorry that you have had a week from hell and I hope that everything is ok.... Hang in there and don't forget to breathe. Love this and sending you BIG hugs. <3

  8. This is a stunning & beautiful project & I would sure like to come to a tea party hosted by you! I would have to eat soil samples though (that's what I call the banting chocolate muffins I buy occasionally, they are THAT gross!) but happy to say I am 10kgs lighter & still going! So eating soil has it's benefits LOL. As for that nasty incident. It sucks but having had a LOT of them myself the memories fade thankfully & it does give one a heightened focus on safety which is a pain but a necessity here. I do hope you are coping with the aftermath x

  9. What a gorgeous setting, love the shabby chic touch!