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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Magic - CSI Case File 162

Hello Everyone

It has been ages since I have had the chance to play along with CSI and I was so pleased to eventually find some time for this challenge.

So here's my take.

Evidence: Stars and Circles
Testimony: Using unexpected and surprise

This layout is about the family relationships at out home...which surely includes the pets! ;-)
My journalling is a layer under the photo and says this:
When Pepsi came to us, we never even imagined that a birdie could become such a part of the family. We also never imagined that Blossom and Rosie would be friends with birdie. Yet, they soon allowed her to roam freely and be a part of their doggy world. Since Blossom, is sadly gone, Rosie and Pepsi are good friends and often play together. It is such an unexpected and surprise friendship...such a Magic Friendship!

This photo is so fun, with these two looking at each other, eye to eye and Joe also part of the mix.  These 3 are actually such goof friends.  Joe and Pepsi sometimes have a love/hate relationship...LOL..but I think it's because they tease one another....

I used the "Say Cheese" collection from Simple Stories and it's a really fun collection and was also perfect for this case.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope you have a super day!
Denise x


  1. Awww..... what a cute page! I'm hoping to play along with this one, too. Been ages since I've played, too:) And I ADORE your speech bubble. It's perfect for your page. What an 'interesting' relationship, too:):)

  2. How lovely to see you back at CSI Denise. Your fun page is a delight; I especially like the textured stars and the paint effect over the that simple stories range :)

  3. Wonderful page and you have the colours spot on!!

  4. beautiful layout and great story! it's always great when all of your pets are friends )))) my cat (and a dog was too) is very jealous and I'm afraid to imagine that we have another pet... cat is jealous to our fishes!!! it will be crazy house in this case I think ))))

  5. The design is so awesome, I never know anyone who could do masculine/boyish layout as good as you!

    1. Aaaw thanks Kirsty...that's really so kind! xx

  6. Jaw drop here! What a fantastic boy page! Love love love the design and media.
    Thanks for coming by my blog yesterday. I inadvertently hit delete when I intended to hit publish. So sorry!

  7. wow wow wow Denise ... wow wow wow .. this is magical. love x