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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Canvas - Scrap Affairs

Hello Everyone

I told you a while back that I had a project in the previous Scrap Affairs.  It's now time and I can finally share it with you! ;-) The new issue is out and I hope to get my hands on it tomorrow! ;-)

I did a tutorial for the canvas that I made and here is the article below.

Here's a close-up of this canvas.

If you are wondering...this is a cousins photo and that little blondie in the middle, in the front row is me! LOL.  This was really taken many, many moons ago! ;-)

I also had another canvas published in that same edition.
Here's the page...and you might remember this canvas that got me a feature at Scrap Around the World last year.

Okay...well I hope you are finding some scrappy time!;-)
I can't wait for the long weekend ahead!
Have a good one!
Denise x


  1. My gosh! You are on the up and up with all these scrappy publications:) This is wonderful - thanks for sharing. I DO remember your SATW the top one...blast from the past! You were sooo cute!!!

  2. Oh my...Demise that's true scrapbooking!!! Keeping such a memory photo in an awesome lay out !!! Love the photo and the way you expressed back in time memory ...Significant papers lovely colors... Congratulations sweety!!! So happy for you!!

  3. What a great memory to keep on such a gorgeous canvas! I love it! Congrats!!

  4. so stunning canvases Denise! love all the beautiful details! and congrats one more time with your publication! )))

  5. Wow Denise. Well done on those publications...and I love your tutorial. I am getting this magazine. I have always wanted to know how your process works and now it is in a magazine ;-) I haven't had any scrappy time in the past month and I seriously need a fix.

  6. How beautiful Denise. A sweet family photo and stunningly scrapped on canvas. Congrats on the publications. You are sooo talented :D

  7. Very pretty Denise! I couldn't see a submissions section in the mag at all. Does one just email them?