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Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas Tags - BoBunny Christmas Collage

Hello Everyone

The family festivities still continue and my husbands 2 boys arrived yesterday, as well as my brother from London! So we spent a wonderful day yesterday beside the pool, eating and drinking and just spending time together! It was a fabulous day! ;-)

My internet woes still continue but I am persevering with posting, as today seems to be a little better.

I have some tags to share from Christmas and they were all made using BoBunny's Christmas Collage. This is just a festive and beautiful collection.

They are all mixed media and I used stencils, gesso and paint for the background effects! ;-)

And here is the last one.

I made all the flowers from layers and layers on BoBunny petals.

I meant to do a tutorial ages ago and this has reminded me.  So here is a quick little tutorial.

You can use any punched flowers or flat flowers, in this case, BoBunny petals and layer them together to make these flowers.

To get a nice full flower, I would suggest using 4 layers of different sized flowers and 2 flowers in a layer,  So 8 petals or flowers in total.

Now layer the flowers from biggest to smallest and use a brad to fasten them all together.  Rotate the same sized flowers/petals so that they overlap, as well as with the other layers.

Now take a spritzer and spritz the flower, so that all the layers, front and back are drenched.
Use a paper towel to soak up an excess water.

Now carefully close up all the layers and squeeze them pretty tight towards each other.

Twist the tops to make the flower closed.
Be gentle with softer papers as these are more likely to tear.
Now allow the flowers to dry.

Some of the flowers make start to open, especially if you have used cardstock.  Just tighten them up again.  If you have much bigger flowers, then I would suggest turning them upside down and placing them in "shot" glasses as they them keep tight and dry nicely in this position.

I leave the flowers for about 48hrs to dry.  Once they are dried and crisp, start to carefully open and unfold the flowers.  The result is a unique and layered bloom! ;-)

This is a really great way of creating economical flowers and the possibilities are endless, depending on colour, punches, dies, petals etc.

Well thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope you are enjoying the Christmas festivities still.

Have a super day!
Denise x


  1. Drat! I think my comment disappeared.... annoying! I was saying your flower tut is brill; love your tags - the bg work looks fabulous and those swirly bits are really nice! AND what a wonderful way to spend your day with your extended family...ENJOY:):)

  2. like these tags Denise! so festive and fabulous! and thanks for the tutorial!