This is the start of an inspiration patch, where I hope that fellow scrappers and creators will come and find some inspiration, or even leave some inspiration for me.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Let's Scrap - New Design Team

Hi Everyone
I have some great news to share with you.....
Check here for the news... 
But here is a brief summary below.

Congratulations to our new Design Team!!!

Thank you to everyone who applied to be on the Let's Scrap Design Team! The talent that each of you has is amazing and we feel honored that so many would want to be part of our site! Debby and I  spent hours going over each and every persons application and we wish that we could have accepted all of the you but unfortunately that wasn't possible.

Please help us in congratulating our new Design Team. These talented ladies will be giving you inspiration from APRIL 1ST - JULY 31ST! 
Michelle van Wyk    
Denise van Deventer            
Judy Rakes                      
Jennifer Russell               
Shirley Bergsma                             
Kristine Ponte                    
Eniko DeLisle                     
Asmah Zainal Abidin          
Laura Alberts                     
Valerie Thorpe                    
Cathy van der Bruinhorst
Susanna Granroth   
Mindi Brown                      
Elizna Parsons 

I am super excited and really looking forward to this new little chapter in my life!

Have a great evening!
Denise x


  1. WOW Congrats hun!! cant wait to see all your work for the team

  2. Congratulations, Denise! I am thrilled to see your name on this list of very talented scrapbook artists! Will enjoy following you through the Let's Scrap gallery!

  3. Congratulations Denise These are great news.

    Hugs Tina

  4. Hi Denise,

    Sorry I haven't been here in awhile. As you know I am so busy lately..I still get your comments and forgive me if I don't get to reply sooner.

    First of all, a huge CONGRATS on your new DT position!! I knew it will happen. I've always believed in you and your work is gorgeous! Keep it up Denise, before you know it, you will make headlines of your own.

    Thank you for your visit. I never forget Denise...We still have our "project" coming up in a few months. Will email you when it's ready to be mailed.

    Take care. I hope you and your family are all doing well!


    1. Thanks Marivic! You are such a sweetie...
      Yip...I am looking forward to the "project" coming up..
      Yes thanks..the family are all well..I have a full house at the moment..but all good and busy thanks!
      Blessings to you and your family too!

  5. Whoo hoo!! That's wonderful news, Denise.

  6. Congrads Denise!! I look forward to working with you on the Let's Scrap Design Team!!

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind comments..It is really appreciated!!