This is the start of an inspiration patch, where I hope that fellow scrappers and creators will come and find some inspiration, or even leave some inspiration for me.

Friday, 30 March 2012


Hi Everyone

I have been busy this week scrapping and creating, but am not able to share these projects with you right away.  But I promise to share them with you very soon.

I wanted to ask you all about photo's and whether any of you have gone on a photographic course? I am really starting to get more knowledgeable about my camera and also what makes for a good shot.

I remembered an article from the Creative Reflections magazine and scanned it and will paste it here.  It really helped me and continues to do so.

So here is the article.  I hope it is big enough for you to read.

Here's two pics that I am particularly proud of and whether it was pure fluke or actual photographic genius..well that is a mystery too! LOL

Let me know what you think of the article and maybe give it a try.
Have a great weekend.
Denise x


  1. Denise whatever is the reason - pure luck or you following the advise, the pictures came out very good! tell me, where did you take the second photo? it looks very familiar, I understand that it can be anywhere but it could be fun if I am right ;-)))

  2. Hi Svetlana..thanks...I love these photo's! I took this photo at a Park near us called Rhodes Park in Kensington, that the place you thought it was?

  3. no, Denise. but what is the chance? how many places are there in SA with banana palms and tree stumps :-))) I just thought that despite "what is the chance" you just never know :-))))