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Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Shadow Box - BoBunny Silver & Gold

Hello Everyone

Today I was reading Val Thorpe's blog and she had a post up for the OUAS challenge and was talking about Christmas. It also had me thinking and I really thought about what I love at Christmas time, and it surely has to be that we as a family get together, have lots of fun and just enjoy the celebrations together! I love that part, family and fellowship! ;-)

So today is now the perfect day to share my Christmas shadow box with you, using the fabulous Silver & Gold collection from BoBunny.

Here's my box.

I am so happy with how it came out and is a great start to the Christmas season.  I plan to give it to my Aunt, who has recently moved into a frail care section at the Retirement Village, and I really hope it will brighten her room.

Here's a closer look at the goodies inside.

My die cuts were really the key here and I spent quite a bit of time cutting all these lovely little pieces out and then putting them together.

My son is 6 years old and he is super excited about Father Christmas coming to visit him.  He wrote a letter this past weekend about what it is he wants and he just knows that something special will be coming his way! I so love his excitement and belief in Father Christmas. I had to laugh, he told me this past weekend that Father Christmas will be coming in his "slave".....only for me to correct him and tell him it's a "sleigh"! LOL
Too cute!

I hope your Christmas season also starts with excitement and joy.
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day!
Denise x


  1. Cute story about your son and Santa's "slave." :)

    Great idea for the shadow box. I am thinking of making a couple of home décor pieces as Christmas gifts, and seeing your lovely completed shadow box gives me confidence to keep moving in that direction. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Denise, that's really kind of you! ;-)

  2. This is such a bright and festive piece Denise...I'm sure your Aunt will appreciate it in her room. So cute to read about the "slave". :)

  3. Ah Denise thank you for the shout out... I am re-evaluating my feelings about Christmas but that is a post for another day. I love this shadow box and I am sure it will brighten her room and she will love it. I do hope that Santa and his 'slave' come to me too xox

  4. This is stunning Christmas art Denise! I'm sure your aunt will love it. :)
    I love how excited little kids get for Christmas. I hope Father Christmas brings him what he asked for when he comes on his 'slave'. Lol! SO cute! :) xx

  5. This is really pretty and so beautifully made! Please let me know where you got the shadow box - I would love to order some!

  6. This is very pretty and I am sure your aunt is going to love it. For me it is all about Jesus. I love to have my family around me and I love the food that goes with trifle and pavlova.

  7. Chiming in with the other ladies - this really is so wonderful! I am sure your aunt till just adore it and show it to the other occupants! I love reading about how people celebrate Christmas and what their family traditions are. I am as excited as the kids and will be on the lookout for Santa and his *slave" this year too! xoxoxo

  8. Wow! This is so neat looking! Love shadow boxes....the pp on the side is a nice added touch!