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Monday, 28 July 2014

Joe's Birthday Card

Hello Everyone

7 years ago today, I gave birth to the sweetest boy ever! So Happy Birthday my boy and wishing you every health and happiness!

I made a card for Joe using Midway - October Afternoon.

He was very happy with his card, but even happier with the Lego he received! ;-) Little boys and their toys!!

Just crazy how each year seems to go faster than the last one!

Anyways...thanks for popping in.
Have a super evening!
Denise x


  1. I always love your visit in my blog
    tks a lot for your kindness

    Pretty card my dear


  2. This is fabulous Denise. So suitable for a boy! But you know that your lovingly hand-made card can never compete with lego!

  3. It is truly amazing how fast the years go by....enjoy your boy...I think ages 7-9 are THE best!!! Fabulous card, grand boy is just getting into Duplo...which I have kept from MY boys. Lovely to have that circle of life thing happening!!!

  4. very beautiful card Denise, and a happy birthday to Joe yesterday. and yesterday was also the birthday of Channa.

  5. Adorable! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

  6. A great boy's card Denise, with balloons and bright colours. Especially like the chevron stamp. Is that a BoBunny?

  7. Such a neat boys card. Love the papers too... All I have to say is that I am rather glad I wasn't scrapping when my kids were little. It was hard enough for me to get a party together without having to make party packs and a card as well... hahaahahahaha OMG forget I have birthdays coming up by twos now :P Stunning inporation again D. xox

  8. Happy birthday to Joe....I love this cute card.

  9. How sweet! This is so perfectly it!

  10. No idea how I got so behind on your blog! Really sorry. I didn't mean to!! Lovely card for your boy!