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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Faraway Tree - CSI Case File #98

Hello Everyone

I love it when a page comes together so easily, because all the inspiration, energy and creativity is all lined up. This is the case with this page.  On the weekend I had taken some photo's of these gorgeous Jacaranda's just at the top of our street and so when I saw the CSI colour palette, I knew exactly which photo's to use.
Standing taking these photo's, I also remembered a childhood memory. So again, seeing the case file, it was rather uncanny and I knew also exactly which papers I would use - Secret Garden Graphic 45.

So here is this weeks case file.

Here is my page.

I also got some wonderful inspiration from Gerry van Gent's - A Simple Layout, which is on the Maja Design blog, for the design of the page!

Evidence: Something suspended and frames
Testimony: Once Upon a Time..

My story is folded inside the little envelope and goes like this.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl Denise who loved to read books. She would spend hours everyday being transported to far away places, full of adventure and intrigue. She particularly loved reading about the Faraway Tree and all the adventures of the interesting little creatures that she met there. She loved the magic of the stories!
She also read "Fiela se Kind" and again just loved the mind world of Nina.
Just as Nina believed in fairies, so Denise believed in fairies. She believed, that if you sat under a tree long enough and just listened to the quiet, that when the wind blew, that it was fairies beating their wings and flying off to other adventures. Denise also believed that if you were really, very quiet and looked long and hard enough that she would actually see a fairy.
Denise believed in magic and she was sure that fairies abounded everywhere!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Have a super evening!
Denise x


  1. Oh, Denise, what a wonderful job, the magic! A great photo, I want to find yourself in this beautiful summer garden!

  2. Wow this is gorgeous, the colours are sensational

  3. A lovely trip back into your magical world as a child Denise....I used to love the Magic Faraway tree too. The Jacarandas are beautiful, we have them flowering here at the moment as well. Fabulous sketch and great choice of papers make this a fave for me :)

  4. Beautiful layout and such touching journalling.

  5. Wow!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful! Love the purple, love the cascading flowers.....looks fab!

  6. Loved your story and your layouts is simply stunning!

  7. Oh wow this is lovely! The jacarandas look beautiful!

  8. Such a gorgeous photo and absolutely amazing layout, Denise. I absolutely love the story behind it, too!

  9. P.S. Denise, I forgot to tell you that the Secret Garden is a favorite book in our family, too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful fairy tale!

  10. I have never seen jacrandas except in photos. It must be magical to have them around you IRL! this is a wonderful layout Denise, absolutely dreamy! Fairies come in many shapes and forms, and sometimes you can see one of them flittering by in the corner of your eye. But when you blink, it's gone. Fairies come and spread loving thoughts when you're sad, they touch your heart when you're happy and they make love shine and glitter fill you till you almost burst with the feeling. So don't for a second think they only belong in books, as long as you can imagine, the magic lives on! xoxo

  11. Oh, what a stunning layout Denise and what a wonderful sight those Jakarandas are!! Beautiful work as always. xx

  12. Goodness! This is gorgeous! I just love the beautiful framing with those blooms! Exquisite work!

  13. This is one of my fave layouts of yours... I love Jacarandas too even with the mess they make when they drop their flowers. There is something magical about seeing them in bloom. A stunning photo and a sensational layout D...

  14. Oh WOW Denise this is totally gorgeous!! Absolutely inspired!!!

  15. Erin has just learnt to say 'Jacaranda' after ours flowered this spring. They make me think of my father in law in JHB. Loved your little story