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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Today - CSI Case File no.97

Hi Everyone

Yesterday was such a busy day, but it was really great to catch up with Evgenia! We had both our boys with so they could play and we could chat! It was really a lovely afternoon.

I finished my layout for the CSI Case File no. 97.

Here is my take on it.

Evidence: Leaves, Branches, Something Shiny
Testimony: Using the word "Bright"

So much of my scrapbooking these days is about just everyday moments! I love scrapping special moments too, but I think the everyday moments are the "stuff" of life! So that was why I called my page "Today" because I wanted to emphasise that everyday moment.

So my journalling says this:
Somebody, somewhere had the bright idea to put fruit on a stick! This is certainly one of the best inventions for Joe, who is firstly a fruit lover of note and then secondly, a lover of fruit on a stick!! So much care is taken to get each piece of fruit off the stick and into his mouth, and he won't eat little bites off. Each whole piece is removed from the stick and placed in his mouth, where it is devoured. Needless to say there are very sticky hands at the end of this little exercise, but the happiest little boy!

I used Teresa Collins Summer Stories collection mostly, with a few bits and bobs from here and there.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope you are having a super weekend!
Denise x


  1. Wow Denise....I love your take on the sketch and the challenge. I didn't manage to get to this one. Life is just a tad hectic right now.

  2. wow Denise this layout is stunning!!

  3. I love this layout and I think you cracked this case perfectly. I love that serious photo of Joe and your journalling. The background is lovely and I just love the design. Great job D...

  4. hehe yum! It's funny isn't it how something so simple is enjoyed so much. My kids had salad on a stick in their lunch boxes recently and their class mates looked on in envy. Your page is gorgeous Denise :).

  5. Fabulous!!!!!!!!! Love the look of the large circle with all the smaller circles.

  6. Such an interesting composition! Congratulations on Joe's graduation x