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Sunday, 30 November 2014


Hello Everyone

Can you believe it's the 01st December tomorrow! Man....this past month has just flown by!

I am sorry that that there weren't more posts this week, but with Christmas work functions and going away the was very hectic on this end!

The weekend away, though, was really restful and I got some nice sun, some relax time and just spent time with family and friends.

We were in Mpumalanga, which is sub-tropical and lush and we loved the weather.
Here are some photo's....which really just reminded me again....this is AFRICA!!!!

Seen it yet?

Here's a close-up...

We kept a close eye on the kids, and there were strict instructions not to even go anywhere near the waters edge!!!!

Anyways...on that note...
Have a super evening!
Denise x


  1. Glad you have some down time to recharge. AHHHH..... that crocodile sure scared me! : 0

  2. I hope you didn't go swimming Denise!!!! Looks beautiful.

  3. Yikes Denise! Looks like Florida! Is that a gator or crocodile?

    1. It's a crocodile Mona and it was a big dude!!!!!

  4. Wow! look at that! soooo different from Scandinavia, a crock huh! xxx

  5. Hahahahahah Love the pics... It is so beautiful up there and hot too... Lovely pics.

  6. Oooh ... with such a neighbor, even in the heat of summer do not want to swim! Brrrr ...

  7. I love Mpumalanga. Beautiful pics.