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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Misc. Me - Calendar Girl

Hello Everyone

I was thrilled when I received my previous BoBunny box and it contained the gorgeous Calendar Girl is just amazing and so gorgeous! It is such a versatile collection and I have not even begun to really make headway into this collection.  However, I did put together my diary and my journal with this collection and my colleagues at work are green with envy! ;-)

Here's my diary.

I just kept the cover simple, but wanted to use all those positive affirmations to see, on a daily basis.
I just loved all these sentiments.

I went through my stash of goodies as well and also dug out all my number stickers and rub-ons, so that I could add dates to my calendar, instead of writing the dates.

I keep adding to it, with all the little bits and pieces from this gorgeous collection.
It's a constant work in progress! ;-)

My journal looks like this.

Again, I kept the cover simple, but so love it! ;-)

I used the journal pieces from this collection to start off my journal.

This journal is obviously a work in progress too and I am certainly really motivated and keen to keep up with it, because it's not only pretty, but it has sentiments and quotes that just add so much to everyday life! I simply love it to bits! ;-)

Anyways, hows your diary and journal looking for 2016?
Are you a diary and journal person?

Hope you have a super and inspired day!
Denise x


  1. I am WELL JELL..... They both look amazing & I'd give my eyes teeth for that collection. Since I'm trying NOT to spend money this year.... None of these pretties for me. I'm just making do with what I have. Don't feel sorry for me, though. I'm having a BALL using Up Stuff!!!!!!

  2. I am with spending money on stash...only tools! Your diary and journal are both gorgeous...I would also give my eye teeth for them...already made pretty by you though ♥

  3. oh ladie what an great try not to spend money on stash )))) I'm trying to do it every month ))) but I'll try it again and again ))))
    Denise your both journals are great! love these wonderful covers!

  4. What a beautiful project Denise! Obviously made with lots of love!

  5. You're doing a gorgeous job of these products!