This is the start of an inspiration patch, where I hope that fellow scrappers and creators will come and find some inspiration, or even leave some inspiration for me.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

General Tag

Hello Everyone

I am on a "tagging" mission again, at the moment and so I hope I don't bore you with another tag today! ;-)

The inspiration for this tag was some really pretty papers from a free insert in a magazine.

So here it is.

I love the lavender chippie too, this was certainly something that I wanted to add and use.

Sometimes I can be a real scrooge when it comes to pretty papers.
I am almost afraid to cut them up and use them. I feel that if I don't do them justice, that it would be an absolute crime! LOL...maybe I am a little crazy!!!! ;-)

Anyways, I hope I do these papers justice! ;-)

Thanks again for stopping by!
Thanks also for "tagging" me again!
Have a super day!
Denise x


  1. So pretty with the lavender and corrugated cardstock. I never tire of your tags Denise. Keep them coming!

  2. what a great design Denise! love the combo of the corrugated cardstock and intricate branches and leaves!)))

  3. Love these colours and this is such a pretty tag even though it is on corrugated card.. love the grungy delicate look and feel of this.