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Thursday, 15 January 2015

In the Moment - Challenge no.43 Scrap Africa

Hello Everyone

We have a great, new challenge over at Scrap Africa here. It's a great way to start the year and share your OLW for 2015.

Create a project that tells us what your "One Little Word" for 2015 is....what do you really aspire to...what do you dream about...what is 2015 all about for you?
Please share your thoughts with us and remember to explain about your OLW.

I created a canvas, which I am going to hang in my room, which I will see everyday and it will remind me of my OLW - ITM - In the Moment

Last year went extremely fast and I really felt that sometimes the days were just ticking over and that they just seemed to pass me by, without really having much meaning and thought to them.
I was also worrying about what I needed to do next week and "what if" that happened etc. So yes, some days, it just felt like it passed me by in a blur.

This year I do not want that again.  I want myself to really think about each day, as a gift, as a blessing and to live each day with importance and significance.
I also started a diary, so that I could keep note of each day, and the little things in each day. I want to remember and I want each day to count.

My diary is going really well so far and I am also noting my blessings and gifts in each day. I must say...that is really helping me to "Live in the Moment".

I have little hidden pockets for thoughts and notes to myself. I will keep adding to those and really make this canvas a part of my day and life this year.

Even the beautiful Graphic 45 Botanical Tea collection, is a reminder to me, to really sit down and savour that cup of tea, instead of gulping it down, without a thought! ;-)

So why not share your OLW with us too and play along!

There is a PPBN voucher and Lindy's Stamp Gang voucher up for grabs! ;-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a super evening!
Denise x


  1. It's really lovely canvas with a great OLW, Denise! ;)

  2. Beautiful canvas.....& such a great reminder, too:) Loooove how it looks a little like a garden. So pretty.....AND absolutely ADORING your new look blog. STUNNING:):)

  3. wonderful canvas Denise! great OLW for all of us, who are very busy to do this! )))

  4. Gorgeous Denise...sounds like we had a similar flat moment at the end of last year. We will both cherish moments this year. xx

  5. I think we all need reminding of this from time to time Denise. A beautiful little reminder to have in your house :)

  6. Awesome canvas & awesome thoughts. I want to be more present in my life too...