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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Scrap Africa Mood Board no.69

Hello Everyone

There is a new mood board up at Scrap Africa, with a vintage twist! ;-)

I made a canvas for this challenge and really tried something different, which I was rather pleased with.

I took the colours from the mood board, as well as adding a little bit of vintage styling.

I used lots of metals and various textured materials and put this little scene together.  Then I covered it all with a thick layer of gesso and then starting adding some spray colours.
I was having so much fun that I really had to stop myself from going overboard...LOL
Anyways, I am happy with the result.

Here are some close-ups.

I had picked up this ceramic rose heart at a fund raising event at Conomor (School for children with special needs) about a year ago already and so was happy to be able to use it.

We have some Chinese markets quite close to home and they sell a lot of these metal goodies and are actually quite inexpensive, especially if you buy in bigger quantities.

So perhaps the mood board tickles your fancy?
It would be super if you could play along! ;-)

Have a fabulous day!
Denise x


  1. What a wonderful canvas, great texture!

  2. wonderful textured canvas Denise! love these beautiful colours )))

  3. Looks wonderful! Love the hessian you've used on the bg - it gives such amazing texture to the whole canvas..... LOVE it!!

  4. You should do this kinds more often, it is REALLY nice. Love the hessian too, it gives the canvas kind of an earthy feel!!!

  5. This is great Denise, I agree with Kris on the earthy feel. Love this mood board must move my butt and join in this challenge.