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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Trick or Treat Box - BoBunny Wonderfully Wicked

Hello Everyone

I had a flash of inspiration, a few weeks ago, after we had some MacDonalds on a Friday night.
I was looking at the MacDonalds large fries box and thought that it would make for a very cool holder for various things.  From a card, to some treats, to a gift.

So I took it apart and used it as a template for this project.

I used the Wonderfully Wicked collection from BoBunny.
Here's a look at the back.

It stands up really well by itself and even better when it has some goodies in.

I just love the black die-cut vine type leaves. It really adds to the theme.

We are not really big in South Africa on Halloween, but this year I will give this little box to my son on Halloween! ;-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have an awesome day! ;-)
Denise x


  1. you inspire me to make something like this Denise! ))) gorgeous box with great detals! and I adore these vine leaves too! )))

  2. Oh this is soooo clever Denise! That's the best looking Maccas box I've ever seen - lol! Your son will love this!

  3. A clever idea and inspirational upcycling of something which would have been discarded. I'm sure your darling BOy will love the contents. We don't do Halloween here much either.

  4. LOL! I'm not big on it here in Australia, although it seems to be gaining in popularity. Some American stuff like this I'd happily do without...but it's good your boy gains from it, hahaaaa! Lots of goodies in there & a VERY Halloween-ish project happening. Well done with the 'template'. Clever idea!!!!

  5. Wow Denise! What a fabulous treat presentation! So fun and creative! Every little detail is amazing!

  6. Hahhaha Denise inspiration from Mcdonald's, despite my love of food that is one store that doesn't appeal to me but great use of the packaging it looks super.

  7. What a great idea. It is perfect for some little halloween treats. They have started that in our complex. Too sweet to see all the kids out in costume. I am sure Joe will be delighted with his treat. So much detail. It is lovely.