This is the start of an inspiration patch, where I hope that fellow scrappers and creators will come and find some inspiration, or even leave some inspiration for me.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Just Hello

Hello Everyone

Just a quick note to say hello and that I will hopefully be posting something shortly! I unfortunately do not have a camera at the moment, as mine is in for repairs. I really hope that it will not take too long.

I am scrapping up a storm, and will share it with you all shortly. ;-)

Have a super evening!
Denise x


  1. Hello dear! I can totally understand!! something similar happened to me sometime back when I actually misplaced my cam! waiting to see your creation:)

  2. Sorry to hear that, hope everything get fixed soon!

  3. Hope the camera is fixed soon and that you will be able to show us your beautiful work again. xx

  4. Oh no...hope it's nothing too serious & you have your camera back soon :)

  5. :( Sorry to hear about your camera. Can't wait until you get it back so I can see what you're doing.....I know your creations are going to be amazing!

  6. Thanks everyone....just really frustrating at the moment and nothing happening quickly! :-(