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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Misc Me. The Avenues - Bo Bunny - Organiser/Diary 2014

Hello Everyone

BoBunny has a super range called Misc Me. and is a really versatile and amazing product.  Here is the post up on the BoBunny blog, but I also wanted to show a little bit here on my blog.

I wanted a diary/organizer for 2014 and so when I saw this Misc.Me binder and goodies, I just knew that I wanted to create a diary/organizer for myself. I am a person who likes to keep all my info etc in one place, so I decided to have my diary, journal and personals all in this one binder and I am so pleased that I did this. I cannot wait to start using it and I just know it is going to bring me much joy!

I love pretty books and so I wanted a pretty cover, which will inspire me to pick it up everyday and really use it, as it is meant to be used!

I am also a very upbeat person and I love inspiring quotes and notes, which allow me to start my day in a positive frame of mind.  So my inside cover consists of that, along with my name card, which really makes this book so personal to me.

I obviously will fill in notes and dates as the year starts and progresses.

For each month I have the beautiful divider, then I have the weekly contents page, along with some notepapers for my notes and journalling and then I have prepared some pockets for photo's and thoughts! I love this combination of uses and love that this Misc Me is so versatile and user friendly.

I have used both sides of my pocket cards, so that I get more use out of the cards, as well as keeping down the bulk in my organizer. Stamps, stickers and petals are so great with Misc Me, because they add features, without adding bulk.

The time I have spent creating these pages has been very therapeutic, in that I have had time to consider the year ahead and the things that I want to document, remember and keep. In a way, it has been a preparation for things that lie ahead, and I am excited and happy about 2014.

You can make these organizers/diaries as personal as you want, as simple as you want or as complex and integrated as you want! Whatever works for you! That's the beauty of it!

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Papers: Dot, Home / The Avenues
Cardstock: Jade Dot
Stickers: The Avenues Dimensional Stickers
Noteworthy: The Avenues
Buttons: The Avenues
Brads: The Avenues
Jewels: The Avenues; Autumn Song
Trinkets: The Avenues
Chipboard: The Avenues 12 x 12; The Avenues layered chipboard
Stamps: Flourishes & Such; It is Written
Blossoms: Denim Blue Zinnia
Petals: The Avenues
Misc Me Binder: The Avenues
Misc Me Dividers: The Avenues Calendar Dividers
Misc Me Stickers: The Avenues
Misc Me Contents: The Avenues Journal Contents, The Avenues Weekly Contents
Misc Me Notepaper: The Avenues
Page Protectors: 3x4/4x6, 3x4, 4x6
Kraft: Wood Clocks

Perhaps Misc Me. is something that appeals to you...
I absolutely love it! There are various designs to choose from.  I have another Avenues Binder and I am going to make a new recipe folder for myself.  So hopefully I can share that with you too, in the near future.

Have a super Saturday!
Denise x


  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pure gorgeousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is a beautiful book to start 2014, you can sure be happy organizing your days in the most beautiful way!

  3. You are totally ready for the new year with this pretty planner! I couldn't live without my planner, but mine isn't handmade like yours. Maybe next year... :)

  4. Denise this is lovely. I haven't made many mini albums in my life but I love what you have done with this one. Gorgeous work

  5. A beautiful and creative way to organize 2014. I love the "to do" and "don't forget" pockets and the trims are truly lovely. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. Denise...I am in awe. This is so very beautiful. I wish I had the energy to make myself a stunner like that. LOL...maybe if I start now it will be ready for next year.